“Great show, both for true fans of any age and for a 'classic' audience.”  Daniel Palmer

“David K really nails Roy Orbison's vocals - not an easy feat! But besides being a talented singer and musician, David knows just how to engage his audience... he's really a likable guy, and that comes through in his performance.  Even for those who may not be huge Roy Orbison fans, this show is a lot of fun!” -                   
- Baibi Vegners

“Excellent on all counts!” - Steve Friswold

“Best voice I’ve ever heard! Sings Roy in all aspects of his voice...” - Memories Entertainment, Venice, FL

“Sold out our reservations 6 weeks in a row, on Tuesdays!” - TJ Carney’s, Venice FL

“650 people came out to see David as Roy at our winery, they loved it!”
                                                           Summer Crush Vineyard & Winery, Fort Pierce, FL

 “Packed our Moose Lodge, sold it out! We loved it, danced to rockabilly after the show!
                                                             - Moose Lodge, Mountain Home, AR

“Sold Out, loved it, come back next summer!” - Albert Lea MN Community Theater 

“We loved the Pine County Museum show; such great music! We love Roy Orbison music and even the one you wrote seemed like it could have been his! We liked, "It Was a Mistake." Your band was awesome too! We thoroughly enjoyed the total show!! It was well worth the ticket price and we  hope to go again!!”
L. Lund     

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